Saturday, October 8, 2011

Need Help!!! [:

Written by IfIDieYoung.
Ok guys: this is urgent. As you've probably noticed, there's been a HUGE lack of posting: even though there were kind of promised posts.. ANYWAY, there is a reason for all of this: Chloe. It's not what it sound like: Chloe hasn't been online- for AGES. For nearly three weeks, I think: and I think the last post of hers was three weeks ago? Either way: I'm not sure why. But I NEED new writers. We need new writers more than ever, so please: if you're interested, contact me. I need to try and get some more, new writers to keep this blog going. Plus, it would make Chloe so happy to come back to an active blog with maybe some more followers? So this is what you can do:
  • Try to contact Chloe, if it's possible: get her online!!
  • Write for this blog!! Contact me and I will get you started.
  • Get your friends to follow this blog. The more followers the better: we need to get this blog going properly: I don't think you guys realise just how much effort Chloe puts into this blog, so please.
  • ALSO: If you're reading this right now, please just comment in my GB. Do it, to let me know you read this blog. If I don't get any comments in my GB, then I'll have to consider this end of this blog: Chloe's mentioned it before. She loves writing for this blog, but she wants to know that people are actually reading it, so please- give me some proof to show Chloe. It doesn't matter how late you see this: just please go to my GB. Please.
Thanks guys [: Sorry this post it so depressing. If I get some feedback, I'll start posting, trying to get some stuff up while Chloe's away. If you hear anything from her, please let me know too!! [:

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