Joining the Blog :)

Want to write for the blog?
Do you LOVE stardoll?  Want to write about it to others?  Want people to read your thoughts and laugh and be inspired?  Love make-up, fashion, music, tv? 
Well, to be honest it sounds like you'd like to write for this blog :)  No more details yet than to contact xStarxStruckx (Me), I'm too busy at the moment to create a questionnaire and rules for you: as I'm currently running this blog on my own...  Want to help?  Just contact me, I'd love some more writers!!  The only thing I will add now though is that you need a Blogger account with an email address you're willing to give to me, so you can make an email on Yahoo just for a blogger account for writing, or use an existing email address you have already for a Blogger account.  After we share details and I send you the request through email, once you accept you're on the team and you can get writing!  (After I make your banner, that is- so have your catchphrase ready!)  Ok, so that's actually most of what you need to know...  Just get contacting me!  Have fun, and good luck!