Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tweeks in Beauty Parlor

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In the beauty parlour there is some tweeks to take of make-up undo and redo :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

New Blog Model! :) [INTERVIEW!]

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  Ok, so first model is ready!  Her username is Brittany76598, and this is a pic of her suite:
Ain't it lovely?  :)  Oh, and look at these gorgeous eyes of hers:
But anyways, I'll show you a little interview I had with her..  So you can properly get to know her :)  Enjoy!
Hi! Welcome to blog "The Stardoll Notepad". Why don't you tell the readers a little about you? Name, age, anything!   
My name is Brittany, and I'm 12, and I live in eastern USA.
Why do you like stardoll?
I like stardoll because it's a way to make your fashion sense come alive, and at the same time you can be making the best of friends.

Her gorgeous fav outfit!
 So, this is your favourite outfit (Look left)? Why do you like it?
I like this outfit because it expresses my personal style, like what I wear to school everyday, but more stylish in my opinion, lol!
How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as casual, and trendy, because I always try to go with the style but in the ways that keep my style my own.
Why are you interested in modelling?
I'm interested in modeling because it's a way for others to see you be yourself, and just because you're wearing hot clothes doesn't mean you're like the clothes.
Would you consider modelling in real life, or is it a stardoll thing?
I would actually consider modeling in real life, it sounds really fun.  Tbh, I'm addicted to all those model shows.
Thanks Brittany!  We look forward to seeing you on the blog soon!  :)
So yeah :)  I hope you liked that!  Look out for Brittany soon in the blog!  Of course, if there's anything you EVER want to see our models well..  model, then just comment below :) 


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blog Update :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi guys :)  Ok, so blog is going smoothly, duh :)  Right, so as you've probably noticed, we've got a writer up and running!  That's Megan, she's awesome.  Well, slightly more awesome than kellzbabii2k9 who has, um... ditched us.  But seriously, no hard feelings; we're all busy sometimes :)  Right, and I'm talking to other writers and models, getting their interviews done!  Will do another update soon :)  Ooh, and I hope you like my freaking crap banner xD  Yeah, I'll post if for my posts, so you know it's me straight away!  Apart from my colours and stuff..  Shut up Chloe, you know no-one notices the pink/ black/ purple thing you do :)



Hi, my name is Megan and i'm a writer here and i'll be writing about hotbuys,news tips for you doll and anything really so I hope you like what I write :)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting today :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi everyone :)  Okay, so this blog starts today, and I've been organising quite a bit.  From last night, about ten minutes before I had to leave (xD) and until about half an hour ago, here is what I have collected:
xStarxStruckx (Me xD)

No-one has COMPLETELY confirmed yet, as they need to accept invitations, friend requests, reply to mail or ACTUALLY freaking log on :)  But I know I can get this sorted- ooh, and I've searched for graphics designers, so if you're one, contact me!  I've also contacted a certain individual by their GB, but they haven't replied yet :)  Looking forward to this blog setting up and running properly!  Hopefully you won't have to wait long for us to be up and running, ok?  And don't forget- TELL YOUR FRIENDS :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to The Stardoll Notepad :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  Welcome to The Stardoll Notepad blog!  We'll have everything stardoll and everything that's in your life :)  Looking for writers, models, Superstars, graphics designers and advertisers always :)  Enjoy!  Officially starts TOMORROW, Saturday, 8th January, 2011.  But for the record, this blog was created on Friday 7th January, 2011 :)  I'm Chloe :)  Enjoy!