Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lady Gaga Cooks.

Afternoon bloggers. This is my first day here and, hope you like my first post on this Amazing blog The Stardoll Notepad.

Celebrities have so many hobbies, especially this controversial singer, Lady Gaga. Besides singing, Lady Gaga is actually a good cook! She cooks Italian foods which actually yummy...oh hmm, my stomach's rumbling now. Gaga said that she learns cooking when she's watching some cooking TV program. Is Gaga gonna be a professorial chef and singer? We’ll see...

Gaga quoted that she always cooking with her friends from her old dorm school. “I learned at school for girls, so together with some friends who remained close since high school, we gathered, cooked, and drinking six to 
seven bottles of red wine, chatting and relaxing" quoted Gaga
Gaga Cooking.
Wanna check her out?

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