Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chloe's Pick of the Day, 8-6-11 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Sorry I've missed a few days of this- well, with my Spain visit too..  Anyway :)  I LOVE my pick today if I may say so myself!  I've already bought it, and it's a gorgeous bag that's PERFECT for the Summer season.  Take a look:
Yup, it's the Floral Shopper from Pretty n' Love!  I'm OBSSESSED with this thing!  It's freaking awesome and I'm going to use it a LOT this season, and I can use it in other seasons too!  Must buy, because it's available for only 50 starcoins!  That means, if you have just 10 starcoins left from yesterday, and you haven't earnt anything yet (Apart from logging on, obv.) then you can buy it TODAY!  Opinions?


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