Monday, June 6, 2011

Make-up tip - Summer inspired looks

I have for you new make-up tips for Summer!
Just two now, but I'll add more!


Change your skin and face to these ones on picture.
Put on hair, where you can properly see your face, I used the ones on the last page.
-yellow eyeshadow
-black eyeshadow
-green eyeshadow
-volume black mascara
-lengthening black mascara
-pink blush
-pink lipstick and LUXE lipgloss
And now follow these steps:

And now the second one.
This one was inspired by this picture:
-spiced coral shadestick
-yellow eyeshadow/shadestick
-black mascara (both)
-black eyeliner
-sunset gold eyeshadow
-pink blush
-pink lipstick

And now follow these steps:

That's all for now!
Soon I'll add more!

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