Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Red Cape :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Ok, so with the advertisements everywhere for the new Little Red Riding Hood film, you may have already found this, but here's how to get the free red cape.  Ok, so on the start page, it looks like this:
If you click anywhere on the border that's the advert, you'll go to the page; this is actually freaking annoying because you click on it all the time by accident -.-  No?  Just me?  Click here if it's not working for you.  You should come to this page:
Once you're here, feel free to read about the film, but if you're just in for the cape, click on "Click here to claim your own red cape gift" and it'll take you to the stardoll cinema.  Or, to skip all of the above steps and just go straight to the cinema for the trailer, click here.  You'll come to this:
Watch the whole trailer if you like, or click on the time bar a few seconds away from the edge just so it finishes.  Then, go to your suite, and in a little bag, there'll be the cape!


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