Friday, March 25, 2011

Monthly Sale- How to rock Blue :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  So, you've probably noticed that this month's 50% sale has come around, and that there's a lot of gorgeous stuff up for a TON cheaper :)  Also, if you've been following the stardoll trends, you'll see that BLUE has been massive over the past month of so.  So, I created a little blue number using only sale items, from Bisou only.  So obviously, you can only buy the stuff if you're SS, because of the sale price-tag.  Sorry, Non-SS's.  Also, buy them now while the sales last!  Ok, take a look:
The shoes are up to you, but I'd keep with the layered look.  Try either black or very plain shoes.  DON'T use blue shoes- you need the shoes to be a perfect match blue, or no match at all- a different colour.

  Here are the prices.  Be aware that this took me like a whole freaking ten minutes; I'm not SS so it won't let me put the items in the basket- so I can't just show you the basket list.  I had to copy them all -.-  Here:
All items are from Bisou, so you know.  Also, want a make-up look to go with this?  Why not try this?
Here are the make-up items I used, some from the BRAND NEW range at Dot:
Use the make-up in the order above.  Start with the blue liquid eyeliner (NEW Thistle Down Eyeliner, 4 stardollars) and use around the outer corners of the eyes, not passing the centre of your eye- above and bellow.  Be carful not to flick eyeline out at either edge.  You want it to just follow your eye round.  Next, use the white liquid liner (White Collection Liquid Liner, 3 stardollars) to do the inner corners of your eyes, again, top and bottom, up to where you left off with the blue liner.  Now it's really important to be accurate; take the blue eye pencil (NEW Thistle Down Eyepencil, 7 stardollars) and go over what you did with the blue eyeliner.  Next, obviously, use the white eye pencil (White Collection Eyepencil, 6 stardollars) and go over what you did with your white eye liner.  Ok, the next part is optional.  If you want to, take the white eyeshadow stick- it's the far right in the starplaza, be careful.  Ok, (NEW Arctic Ice Shade Stick, 9 stardollars) carefully go round the white liners that you've already done.  I'd only do one layer if I were you- it's got to be subtle.  Now, the finishing touch to this simple look- lipstick (NEW Sunset Gold Lipstick, 8 stardollars) just go round a couple of times.  This look is simple, so you want these gorgeous nude lips to keep attention on the eyes.  Depending on your eyes, I wouldn't use mascara, unless you actually can't see the eyelashes at all.  Have fun!
So, give it a go!  I hope you have fun with it, and any thoughts on the new range?


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