Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review of the new DOT range :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi- so I know it's been out for a little while now, but I'm just going to go through my favourite new DOT pieces :)  Page by page in the starplaza.  Enjoy!
This was a toughie, but I chose the whole new range of eye-liners.  The colours are gorge and if you're looking for some simple colour to add to your doll, these are what you MUST use- they're pretty, easy to use and control and make your doll look great.  Plus, they're only 4 stardollars, so why not?!
This page was the hardest for me I think- these are some basics in the make-up range, PLUS the new red mascara looks great.  BUT, I chose the eyepencils.  Firstly, the colours are SO gorgeous, I might actually eat them.  There's not one I like more than the other- if I could, I'd own them all.  Everything else on this page is great too, though.  And the 7 stardollars price is amazing too :)  These are AMAZING spring colours.

I really love the old blushers, but the new range fits in perfectly with the rest of it, which any good range should.  My favourite is the middle one; it's not too sickly sweet or too out-there either, and at 8 stardollars, it's so worth it to add some colour to those cheeks!

Ok, if you saw my previous "How To Do Blue" with the last sale post, you'll have seen how much I LOVE this shade of lipstick.  All of these new lipsticks though, are gorgeous.  I love this colour range- and at 8 stardollars, it's again, some great value :)
Hope this helped even a little for your choice.  Your thoughts?  Comment below.


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