Friday, September 16, 2011

Miss Stardoll World: Now a money scam? [:

Written by IfIDieYoung.
Hiya guys [: I realise I haven't posted for ages... Properly ages, too. I left in June because of exams: for the record: Sociology: A*. BAM. Anyway, I'm back now: I don't have proper exams for a bit, so I'll be able to post more. If you're not aware of what things I post about; I don't do free stuff or any of the epic stuff Chloe does; I just talk. I'll talk about stuff on stardoll: it used to be more a first impression thing, cos I was new to stardoll when I joined this blog. My posts will hopefully be useful to any newbies. I'll still talk about stardoll like that; issues and things, because I only joined in March and there are still things that are new to me. I.e. Miss Stardoll World.
I've been talking to a lot of people about it, trying to find out how long it's been going, what it is, etc. Ok, I've had a range. "It's basically a competition, there are loads of different rounds. In the end, there's one person left from each country I think, and then voting, and Miss Stardoll World is chosen.", "You used to submit yourself, and stardoll would choose people to go through.", "You don't stand a chance.", "You get a trophy or something.. I'm not sure. But you get loads of visits, it'd be annoying as f*ck.", "Why am I even talking to you again?", "There's loads of merchandise this year: all the clothes and nail polish and stuff. I don't remember that from last year- last year was when it started."
So that's from a range of people: what Miss Stardoll World is. SO from what I gathered- last year was when it started, but it's changed a lot. What I've basically gathered is stardoll have decided that they put too much efforrt in last time, and this year, we have to bribe votes from other people. It's like a bigger version of CoverGirl. And obviously, no Non-SuperStars are gonna get through, are they? Cos everyone is just broadcasting to get votes. They're the only ones who are going to get through. I don't even think I've got ANY votes, because I only came back to stardoll on Sunday. And next to no-one has visited me: I'm THAT popular.
What do you think about all of this? You probably think the opposite to me: but that's how I see it. Comments?

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