Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Miss Stardoll World News :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  As I'm guessing, you're probably following Miss Stardoll World somehow- whether you're rooting to win, or just following the gossip.  Anyhow, the biggest news of the Stardoll week is probably...  Miss Stardoll World Round 2!!  Seen the ads?
Well, who hasn't- they're EVERYWHERE!  Stardoll is buzzing to find out who got through: and guess what?!  I DIDN'T.  How surprised I am.  I think Flo's probably going to comment on who got through, maybe later: you should hear from her later, either way.  But honestly?  Congrats to whoever got through.  As I'm from England, I can vote for people from England, and I'm going to show you my absolute FAVOURITE.  You can vote for whoever you want, but this is who I want to get through :)
Wow!  I mean, seriously?!  I love this doll: the outfit, the style, the make-up, everything.  I ljust really like it: and she got my vote :)  Ok: oh, and another thing about one of the finalists...  Look at this one:
Woah!  She's gorgeous: it's treelow44 and there's just something about her doll...  Do you see it?  I don't know..  The fact that her doll looks SO much like Rochelle from the Saturdays?  Do you see it?
Do you see it?!  I dunno, it's probably just me but it just hit me when I saw the doll x)  Nice doll, though, so credit to the owner.  Who will you be voting for?  Do you have any dolls you love from your own country?  Let me know!  I could feature them on here- don't be scared to comment either here, or in my GB!  Ok, time for the other Miss Stardoll World news...

As you may have been informed about..  There's a new Dorée collection dedicated to Miss Stardoll World.  Mail ad:
Oh wow- 'Simply To Dye For' - Stardoll, aren't you stepping up your humour.  My sides are splitting.  How hilarious.  Anyways, look at the new range!
Wow!  That's a MUCH bigger collection than I expected, and there are some nice colours in there!  All colours have a matching highlighter- they're the exact same shade.  I think they should do a slightly lighter or darker highlighter to compliment the haircolour, but nevermind: this way you can mix and match colours nicely.  What do you think of the new range?  Will you be buying anything from this new range?  Plus, everything's only 6 stardollars, which is really great for a hair colour you can have forever!  Comments?


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  1. aw cheers :D im treelow44 and i didt know my doll looked like her until a few weeks ago lol :D