Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chloe's Pick of the Day, 17-5-11 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  Sorry I haven't posted, I'm in the process of getting more writers :)  As you've probably seen, Nina's started!  Ok, so from now on, every day that I post/ come online, I'll do a pick of the day.  Not just get Stardoll's SuperStar one, I'll pick one myself; whether it's Non-Superstar and I've bought it or if it's Superstar and I wish I could buy it- I'll post one every day :)  Today's one?
This beauty!  It's a Peach Moto Zip Jacket, and it's available to NON-Superstars!  Yay :)  Plus, if you save for a few days like me (3 days, to be exact :P) you can buy it with 119 starcoins.  Ain't it gorgeous?  It's from Pretty in Pink- I mean Pretty in Love or whatever that shops called these days.  Also, from the same shop is the PERFECT matching accessory; take a look:
I mean seriously, is that gorgeous or is that gorgeous?  Perfect Spring style.  This is available for 20 starcoins.  So just save for an extra day.  If you're going to wear these together I'd keep the rest of the oufit SIMPLE and a DIFFERENT colour.  You don't want a pink overload.  I'd personally go for a plain tee with a skirt- but skinnies'll work too!  Here's the type of thing I'd recommend:
Just whatever you have in your wardrobe really!  Shoes are up to you- either a perfect match with the peach, or a completely different colour- maybe comment below; what have you tried?  What do you think of this Pick of the Day?  Enjoy!


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