Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chloe's Pick of the Day, 22-5-11 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  So, I'm sure you've all heard about new shop, Riviera?  You should have got this message:
I'm so excited!  We majorly needed a new Summer shop, and THIS. IS. IT!  Ok, so today's pick of the day is from here :)  Yes, not Pretty N' Love!  Ok, take a look:
Plus, the AMAZING thing about this bikini set it that it's available (Currently..) for STARCOINS!  You heard me right!  The top's a Marine Bikini Top and the bottom's a Marine Bikini Bottom.  The top's for 69 starcoins, and the bottom's for 59 starcoins.  Altogether that's (*Gets online calculator*) 129 starcoins which is quite a lot of saving- it'll take you just over 3 days if you save properly!  But trust me, it'll be SO worth it!  I think I'll start saving now...  Most of the stuff in this new shop is SuperStar only..  But there are some rare beauties like this that are gorgeous!  I'd keep an eye on it- it's your place to buy all your gorgeous Summer stuff!  What are your thoughts about Riviera and today's pick?  Feel free to comment below!  Enjoy!


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