Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey I'm Aniqa

Written by anilin

Hiya guys as you already know I am the new writer! I thought it would be nice if I told you a little bit about myself so I made a fact file like-type thing :)

Name: Aniqa Choudhury
Username: anilin
Facebook: 'Aniqa Stardoll
Twitter: TheMusicStar
Date of Birth: 24/03/1998
Favourite Colours: Red, Green and Gold.
Hobbies: Stardoll, reading, badminton, facebook, writing
Favourite Food: Lamb Chops!
Least Favourite Food: Brussel Sprouts
Favourite Chocolate: Magic Stars!
Least Favourite Chocolate: Minstrels
Favourite Subjects: Science and Maths!
Least Favourite Subjects: Art and D.T.
Favourite Song (currently): Jason Derulo- Don't Wanna Go Home
My Favourite Artists: Jason Derulo, Jeremih
My Least Favourite Artists: Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and of course Justin Bieber!

That's it for now and if you wanna find me add my stardoll, add my facebook, add my twitter and I'll be chilling in OC so come find me ;]

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