Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make-up tip - ,,Pout lips"

Today I have for you make-up tip for pout lips!
You don't like these lips? Or you want that ss ones, and you're not ss?
 Or none of these suite your medoll?

It doesn't matter. I have for you new idea.
You'll need - lipstick (best will be red)
LUXE lipgloss (you can do it without it too.)

Put on hair, where you can see properly your face.

Put on this mouth. You can find it on 4th page in your face editor.

Change your skin to chocolate brown. Like you see on this picture.

Then just follow these steps. [:

Btw, I think, red lipstick looks great on dark skin. If you don't have red lipstick, you can do it on white skin too.

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