Monday, July 18, 2011

Chloe's Pick of the Day, 18-7-11 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  So, as I mentioned in yesterday's pick, if you read it, you'll already know that today's pick are some GORGEOUS shoes, and are unfortunately SuperStar only..  Let's take a look anyway!
Yup, they're the Ash Grey Booties from Stardoll Girls!  If you haven't seen these before, then go grab them now!  They're gorgeous and new and I'm SO jealous of anyone who can buy these..  Check out yesterday's pick to see the PERFECT (All Non-SuperStar) outfit to go with these freaking amazing boots!  These are serious must-have boots for any SuperStar.  If you don't have them- why?  They're only 13 stardollars to buy!  Comments?


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