Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Pretty n' Love jcpenney store! :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

If you're in the USA, you should know (And if you don't yet, go check this out!) that the new Pretty n' Love jcpenney store has OPENED!  But, if you're not in the USA, and can't access the store, just click here to get everything from the store into your dressing room!
What do you think?  Left is a simple outfit from some of the stuff in the shop- they sell really cute stuff, a mixture of Superstar things and stuff for the Nonnies..  Yay!  Here, because I'm nice and have no life, is a price list of this outfit: Passion for Fashion Tee- 50 starcoins, Tutu Skirt set- 8 stardollars and Pink Ballerina Slippers- 50 starcoins.  Don't worry though, Non-Superstars, there are some really nice pieces in there that we can buy!  I actually really like the Passion for Fashion Tee, and it only costs 50 starcoins so it's actually fairly cheap!  Ooh, and note to Superstars- they have some really nice jackets in there!  Any comments?  Have you bought anything from the store?  What do you think?

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