Saturday, July 9, 2011

Major 11 year-old OC Scandal :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Ok, so everyone in OC has been talking about something that happened last night.  I was overly confused so I looked into it: and OH MY GOSH.  Seriously, this thing is messed up.  Plus, I've have had about 6 requests to cover this.  I really just- argh.  Ok, so I'm going to do this once.  Here we go.

Ok, so I decided to head along to OC: hadn't been there in a while, and I spotted a topic called, "OK, FOR THE SLOW PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW" and I just thought: score, gossip for the blog and I clicked.  And I found this:
I was just majorly like O.O because this is kinda crazy...  I found that the whole of OC were talking about it.  It was so weird.  I found another topic;
This was just one of the many objections.  There was loads of hype in the first topic, and in this one, for an against, etc.  I then found a topic from yesterday, which is when it actually happened.  This is, from my guesses, straight after it happened.
There was SO much talk about it, and even posts from the 11 year old:
She also said how she wasnt' stripping she 'thought' she had closed the tab and was unbuttoning her shirt to get to her pocket?  But WHO has pockets INSIDE their shirt?!  I was then linked to this topic, and in the middle of it I found PROOF.  Proof she ACTUALLY- eh..

If you want a link, tinypic proof then here: but be warned.  It's not pretty.  There's some SERIOUSLY pervy man.  Seriously.  And like 20 people watching.  It's so gross.  There are TONS of rumours about the whole thing.  But I dunno..  I think she's lying, but I'm just going to forget about it now.  Hopefully that's all the coverage you needed, to the people who requested it- and to all readers, feel free to request anything for me to talk about in the future :)  Comments?


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