Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sea of Stars Update No.1 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

So, what IS Sea of Stars?  Well, "Sea of Stars has brought a whole new type of storytelling to Stardoll -- about Stardoll -- on Stardoll"- yep, you've guessed it, it's another story.  I guess you could say it's like Mortal Kiss?  But from what I've gathered, it's written by people a little closer to stardoll.  But, like Mortal Kiss, you can read it online: the first chapter has been released, so click here to go and see it!  Here's a look at the first page:
 I haven't actually physically read the first chapter yet, but the graphics and illustrations are pretty good.  If someone's read it, tell me how it is!  I've heard a lot of mix when it comes to opinions about it, but what do you think?  I'm not sure when the next chapter will be released, but until then- I still have a lot of Sea os Stars stuff to update you on, so get ready for even more!  Ok.

The new story has also brought along a new competition!  You can either click here, if you're really interested, or want to enter, or you can just read it here; this is what they said:
"Now we want you to be part of the story -- the author of your own success!
In Chapter One we meet an astonishing cast of characters in attendance at Catwedding's (well, okay Nil's) party ... that's a party I want an invite to!
When you mouse over the stars beside them you get a glimpse into their backstory -- and what lives they've led -- and yet there must be so much more to know about them -- volumes worth of stories for each one.
Now we want to hear from you ... put your digital pen to Starblog paper and spin us starry tales of these characters -- did you run into them in some wild circumstance and adventures for the two of you ensued? Have you heard wild tales of their youth that you simply must report? Tell us -- tell us all of it!
Set your storyteller free --- winning stories will be published in the StarBlog and get a Sea of Stars prize packages of exclusive items from the story and Starcoins galore.
THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will get an original drawing from the Sea of Stars -- signed and inscribed just for you by the artist!"
So, are you interested?  Do you think you'll enter?  If so, good luck!  Ok, so EVEN MORE!  Right, last but not least: a new shop has been opened in celebration of the new story!  Ok, so be excited- some crazy and gorgeous new pieces are now available from the FOUR page new shop!  Take a look:
Wow!  Such a great opening!  I guess the store's a little like Tingeling; I like it!  What are your thoughts?  Hopefully that's enough of an update for now :)  Enjoy!


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