Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chloe's Pick of the Day, 16-8-11 :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  So, another pick from the Shake it Up store!!  Let's take a look at today's pick:
Yup, they're the gorgeous SIU Black Holey Tights.  They only cost 78 starcoins, so they're available to everyone!  Yay!  Personally though, I don't know why they call them tights..  They're footless, and look and work more like leggings.  78 starcoins would be a bit expensive for tights, but as they are kind of just leggings, I accept it :)  I also really like the holes in it.  It DOES look like tights in the wholes, though, so I'd give THAT to them..  What do you think?  You could use these with SO many different things :)


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