Friday, August 26, 2011

Random FREE Outfit in the Starplaza! :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Heya guys!  So I was checking out the starplaza, and randomly on the front page..  There's a whole free outfit!  Take a look at it:
What do you think?!  I'm not sure what it's even for: all I can make out on the price tag is that it's some "Special Offer", but it obviously just hasn't been advertised yet...  Weird!  What do you think of the actual clothes?  I'm not really sure about the things in general, all together like that...  But some of the individual pieces are really nice- the dress and the tights?  I don't care though, grab 'em while you can!  If you're lazy, click here to go straight to the starplaza!  I guess the shoes aren't so bad, either?  But the good thing- GREAT thing is that they're free to EVERYONE: good on you, stardoll :)  What are your thoughts on all of this?  Feel free to post any of your thoughts :)  Would be nice :)


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