Friday, August 26, 2011

The new songs you MUST listen to! :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hi :)  So, I was looking around YouTube, as you do- well, as I do quite a lot actually..  ANYWAY, I've found some FAB new songs that you just HAVE to feast your ears on :)  I've tried to get a little of a range.  It's the first time I've heard these songs; it might not be for you, cos' if you're a fan you'll probably of already put these song on your iPod x)  Either way, here goes :)  Plug in your headphones or blast these through the speakers :)
The first song I've chosen is the newest from David Guetta- he's teamed up with Jennifer Hudson to create a seriously catchy tune :)  If you're not impressed at first, wait for the chorus, it majorly steps up after that..  Here's Night Of Your Life:
Ok, next song, something a bit different.  This one's a lot slower, and stars Wretch 32 and Emeli Sande, so I'm sure you can already tell how good this is going to be!  It's really catchy, but kinda calm, it's nice: take a listen:
And before I move onto my favourite, there's also another Wretch 32 song I'd like to introduce you to.  This time, with someone you may just be a little more familiar with, especially if you've been into popular music recently: Ed Sheeran.  Yes, Ed Sheeran- not who you'd expect, huh?  But this is a good mix they've got going here.  You'll get to hear Eddy with a little more of a beat behind his voice- nothing beats his acoustic's, though- but here's Hush Little Baby:
I like that one the more I listen to it, ehe...  Now's my favourite: from Jessie J :)  I love her so much, and here's an AMAZING one from her- the beat's been compared to Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, and both songs were produced by the same guy- but never mind, here's a majorly catchy song with amazing vocals :)  It's Domino:
Ooh, also if you're a fan of Jessie J, here's something you should definitely be adding to whatever you can :)  Lookie:
Isn't that just awesome?!  Yup, that's about all I can think of right now...  I tried to get a range :)  Have fun listening!  Comments?


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