Friday, August 19, 2011

Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Hiya :)  Remember Mortal Kiss?  Well, now there's another story, called Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver.  Like the first one, I'm not reading this, but you can read it..  This was the mail you should have received about it:
By clicking on it, you come to this page:
 There's basically a calendar: if you open the doors, each day a new door opens and there's a gift behind it [Which you have to buy -.-], but you can only buy gifts from the current day, or the day before it- after two days, you can't buy a certain gift anymore.  This is all they have, currently: but there will be a contest and a store, which is good.  You can read the story, if you want: click on the pic below :)
But it seems overall that there won't be the same interactive-story feel that there was last time..  On my old blog, I did updates for the old interative thing: won't be doing that this time round then...  Ooh, also, if you want to join the club, click the picture of it below!
It also hints on the main page above that there will be beauty products..?  Wow, I wonder what these are going to be like?  What springs to mind is the Sea of Stars nail polish range.  Maybe there'll be something like that: maybe something for Non-SuperStars at last?  Comments?  Are you reading the story?


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