Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purple Paradise! :)

Written by xStarxStruckx

Heya, so I was looking around the Starplaza, and I came across some gorgeous pieces..  and I felt a theme coming..  Purple!!  The colour's gorgeous and suits SO many different types of skin tones!  I spent a while making an outfit and then I did a little make-up to go with it :)  Ok, so I actually quite like it, and I'll give you all of the details of where to buy the stuff, and how to do the make-up too, cos' I'm nice like that- plus, that's what you're supposed to do on blogs..  Shut up Chloe.  ANYWAYS, here's the look!
To the left you can see the outfit :)  I'm actually REALLY happy with it :)  Ooh, and below you can see the make-up a little more close up:
What do you think?  I hope you like it: I tried quite hard with this.  Well, at least if you're in a Colour Comp, and you get purple, you're not completely screwed!  I would say when wearing purple though, if you're trying to make a look: never use the exact same shade for everything: have a range of shades that work well together- and throw in white or a different colour SOMEWHERE to keep you sane :)  Anyway, next I'll show you how to create this look :)
Ok, this is going to take a while :)  This is lots of effort, so I appreciate feedback xD  Ok, from RIO Girls you can buy nearly all of the clothes for this look: the Violet Cardigan [Which I am in LOVE with, by the way] will set you back by 13 stardollars, the Purple Strap Shirt [Which I used as a skirt: have they named this up wrong?!] costs 80 starcoins which is great (!), the Violet purse will cost you 50 starcoins and you'll have to spend 10 stardollars on the Dora Ribbon Tie Heels.  Next, you'll have to head over to Bizou to buy the Slouchy White Tank for a rediculous 120 starcoins, so if you have a plain white tee already, see how it looks.  Now, you just have to arrange your outfit on your doll: but I can trust you to do this yourself.
Now for the jewels- take a trip to Splendid and pick up a Flower w Pearls costing 50 starcoins, and use this as a brooch on your cardi.  Lastly, pick up a Rose Headband which'll cost you 6 stardollars- now put it on your head :)  Make-up time!  I kept this look really simple as the outfit is SO bold, but I still co-ordinated!  Ok, major close up time:
Right, this is everything you need:
You'll only need to go to DOT for all of this make-up.  Right, starting with eyes.  Take the Techno Goth Eyepencil, costing 7 stardollars and line the outside of the eyes, to halfway across, both at the top and bottom.  Next, take the White Collection Eyepencil costing 6 stardollars, and line the inside of the eyes, up to where the purple ends.  This is really basic, but it's all we need.  If you want, you can also use the Lengthening Mascara, costing 2 stardollars if you think your eyes look bare, but my me-doll's eyelashes are dark enough, so I left it- it does tend to cover up the eyeliner, so I wouldn't recommend it.  Now, finish the look with a layer of Sunset Gold Lipstick, which you'll have to pay 8 stardollars for: this is my absolute favourite lipstick: it'll finish the look and keep it simple, not distracting from the eyes or the general look.
I hope you like it!  What do you think?  Feel free to comment :)


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